Shanae is sitting at a table in a restaurant, with her arms crossed. she's wearing a see-through light and dark purple shirt and large round purple earrings. Shanae is smiling at the camera.
hi there, I'm so happy you're here! I'm Shanae, creator and owner of sugarfoot flowers, located in Naarm/Melbourne. we create lovingly crafted bouquets and flower arrangements, with dried flowers and foliage. all our flowers are naturally dried, so no chemicals have been used in the drying process.

sugarfoot flowers grew from a love of flowers. I have fond memories of growing up, walks along the beach, little treasures blowing at my feet.

bushwalks with my mum and nan always led to a makeshift stick cane in one hand, a foraged posy in the other. and the odd dead insect, carefully wrapped in a crinkled tissue, to be later displayed on the window sill.

from my earliest memories I remember being encouraged to be curious and find joy in the small things. and so sugarfoot flowers was born. a celebration of simplicity and finding beauty in natures creations.

I'm really excited to offer a natural, eco-friendly alternative to dried flower arrangements. the natural method of drying, without the use of chemicals or artificial dyes, means that each stem is unique. this process of drying requires minimal human intervention and captures the flower in its natural state.